C.S. Lewis once said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” We here at Kingston Literacy and Skills happen to agree; you owe it to yourself to be confident and to be successful. Our instructors and tutors will do everything they can to set you on a customized path to success.


Just give us a call; at that time, KL&S will make sure we’re a good fit for you. If we are, we book an assessment appointment, usually within just a couple of weeks.


During the actual assessment, the intake person will ask about your past educational experience, your current life situation and your future goals. We don’t want super-personal information; we just need to know enough to get you started.


There will be a bit of testing, but nothing too hard or scary – we promise!


If we decide we’re the right fit by the end of the appointment (it’s usually under an hour) we set up a training schedule.


At the very first session, we work together to create a learner-centred training plan, focusing on the learner’s SMART goal. This is a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time- Specific.


We explore what the steps will be to achieving your short term goal and if there are any barriers that might need to be worked on to in order to help you reach your full potential. In some cases, we might make referrals to other agencies.


For more information and to register, contact us at (613)547-2012, or email


KL&S offers upgrading classes in Communications (reading/writing), Math, and Digital Technology (computers).

The small group classes, are continuous intake – this is good news! It means students can start soon after their initial assessment appointment.

Learning modules are self-paced so students can take the time they need to understand the material and complete assignments with the help of professional instructors who have experience teaching adult education.

It’s good to note that students in the group are at a range of levels and abilities, so there are likely to be people in the group at a higher level, and people at a lower level. We are all at different places in our journey, and that’s okay! The important thing is wanting to be on the journey, understanding what your end goal is, and being willing to work to get there.

Be sure to take advantage of the solid relationships we have with other local trainers, Employment Service agencies and community groups.


This program is great for adults who are unable to participate in small group classes. Perhaps you’re not available during the regular small group instruction times, or maybe your needs are so specific that they would not be met in a group environment. Some learners join the one-to-one program because they didn’t have a positive experience in an educational setting in the past and may need to work up to being in a classroom. Some adults take advantage of the one-to-one program because their skill level is not well-served in a group environment.

If you think you might qualify for the one-to-one program, it will begin with an initial assessment. You’ll meet with our intake assessor, and if it seems like the one-to-one program is the best fit for you, a series of appointments is made.

You’ll then meet with the one-to-one coordinator once a week for between four and six weeks, so that a solid and detailed learner plan is established.

The one-to-one coordinator will then match you with a volunteer tutor, to continue meeting once a week. Studies are continued with the trained volunteer under the supervision of the one-to-one coordinator.


KL&S offers specialized Employment Skills upgrading classes in Communications (reading/writing), Math, and Digital Technology (computers) on Tuesday nights from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm at our 16 Bath Road site. This course is ideal for people who are working or seeking employment during the day. We tailor the learning materials to ensure that participants have the skills and confidence to perform well in their employment setting.

The small group class has two instructors and is continuous intake meaning that students can start soon after their initial assessment appointment.

Learning modules are self-paced so students can take the time they need to understand the material and complete assignments with the help of our professional instructors who have considerable experience teaching adult education.


KL&S offers a variety of courses that were developed with input and materials from employers to help you develop the Essential Skills needed to work in certain industries.

Each course provides career-related exercises to help improve skills in reading, writing, math, computers, and the soft skills needed for success in the workplace. These courses are meant to improve the Essential Skills you will need in these fields. More training may be required in order to work in some areas.

Career preparation courses include, but are not limited to:

  • Call centre worker

  • Chambermaid/housekeeper

  • Clerical

  • Daycare assistant/nanny

  • Fishing and hunting guide

  • Florist assistant

  • Forestry worker

  • Landscaping labourer

  • Laundromat operator

  • Material handler

  • Municipal employee (garbage collector, municipal labourer, parking meter collector, public works labourer, road maintenance worker, sewer maintenance worker, sidewalk cleaner)

  • Pet groomer

  • Personal support helper (great for pre-PSW)

  • Retail worker/cashier

  • Security officer

  • Skilled trades labourer

  • Taxi driver

  • Truck driver


At KL&S, each person is individually assessed so we can create a unique program in order to help you achieve your unique goals.

Our professional and supportive staff, who offer comfortable learning environments and small class sizes, want to see you succeed and will do whatever they can to help you reach your goals.

While classes are offered Monday to Friday, there is evening tutorial available.

We also offer continuous enrolment, so you can start at any time.

Our relationships with other education and training programs, as well as employment service agencies, make sure you experience smooth transitions to your next steps, whatever they might be. We also have solid connections with many community agencies so if you have other needs, we can refer you with confidence.

Transportation assistance may be available for eligible students.

We have a long history of working in the community (we’ve been around since 1977!) and we can’t wait to help you as you expand both your mind and your horizons.


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